Walton High’s students are celebrating outstanding success with 98% having achieved the equivalent of 5 or more A*-C grades.  There was a very pleasing 10% increase in the number of GCSE A* and A grades awarded. 74% of students have gained at least one of the top grades with 54 achieving the equivalent of 10 or more. Students’ average points score continues to be exceptionally high and the school’s value added performance is once again expected to be in the top 5% of schools nationally.


There were some truly outstanding individual performances: 

Ben Bambrough Stimson  

Megan Garvey 

Rachel Musgrave 

Sandesh Shrestha 

Alice Woodman 

Chloe McLoughlin 

Harry Renson 

Enzo Seminerio 

Moritz Grimm 

Lucy Boseley 

Lauren Kohli 

Stephanie Wright 

13 A*

12 A* 1 A 

9 A* 1 A 2 Distinction*

7 A* 6 A 1 Distinction*

7 A* 3 A 2 Distinction*

6 A* 4 A 2 Distinction*

6 A* 2 A 2 Distinction*

5 A* 6 A 1 Distinction*

5 A* 4 A 1 Distinction*

4 A* 7 A 1 Distinction*

3 A* 8 A 1 Distinction*

3 A* 6 A 1 Distinction*


Results were very strong across the curriculum with the individual Sciences celebrating 82% A*-C, Economics 82% and Textiles 90%. Maths and English achieved 74% and 71% A*-C respectively.

Michelle Currie, Principal, said“These results reflect the hard work of students and staff and are testament to the high quality of teaching and learning at Walton High. They are also due to the effectiveness of the partnership forged between Walton High and families working together to ensure success.We are enormously proud of the achievement of all our students and are delighted that so many are choosing to continue their studies here Post-16.”


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