Opening Results

Post 16 students at Walton High are once again celebrating excellent academic and vocational results. 

The majority of grades awarded at A Level were A*-B. Subjects where more than half their students gained the highest grades were Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, Fine Art, Law, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology and Spanish.

In particular, students did exceptionally well in Mathematics with almost half achieving an A* or A grade.

Students’ performance in vocational courses continues to be amongst the best in the country with 4 out of 5 grades awarded being Distinction* or Distinction.  This demonstrates the commitment of students to their studies and the expertise of teachers in delivering vocational courses.

Chetan Mistry Matt Brookman Sankalpa Shrestha Phil KingWe are delighted that, yet again, many students will be taking up offers at the country’s top universities. Sankalpa Shrestha’s 3A* and an A see him going to the University of Birmingham to read Physics and Astrophysics. Joining him will be Matthew Brookman (4As) and Callum Jones (3As) who will both be studying Chemistry. Walton High will be similarly well represented at Durham University with Philip King (A*AAA) reading Natural Sciences, James Yates (A*AAB) Maths, and Emma Stock (AAB) English Literature. Both Ruqayyah Beg (A*AAA) and Aaron Khan (A*A*AA) will be studying Medicine at UCL and Buckingham respectively. Chetan Mistry (A*A*A) and Caitlin Hincks (3As) are going to the University of Exeter to read Economics. Luke Burns (A*AB) and Adam Lansdowne (A*BBC) will both be attending the University of Nottingham; Luke to study Maths and Adam to read Chemistry.

Ryqayyah BegStudents following a vocational pathway are also celebrating success with a number of them achieving a Triple Distinction* (D*D*D*) or Double Distinction* (D*D*).  Chelsea Ali, Megan Mynard and Olivia Taylor achieved in Health Studies; Eve Bennett (D*D*D*) in Performing Arts plus B and C grades at A Level;  Millie Burlace, also D*D*D*in Performing Arts and B at A Level; Divya Dhokia and Sofe Faal both D*D*D* in Applied Sciences – Sofe will be studying Biomedical Sciences at Oxford Brookes.  Barke Ali (D*D*D) will be studying Architecture at the University of Hertfordshire.  Natasha Bhatti’s D*D* in Business Studies and B in A Level Geography leads her to Coventry to study Business Management and Godrick Tshiteba’s D*D* in Business Studies and D* in Sport will take him to Aston University and studies in Marketing.

Equally successful are a number of students whose efforts have won them apprenticeships, including Kieran Cormican at Price Waterhouse and Shaenola Le Gair at the Halifax.

Michelle Currie, Executive Principal said: “Walton High is proud to be a school with a comprehensive intake that successfully delivers high quality academic and vocational education to a wide range of students.  These outstanding results reflect the hard work and commitment of students over the past two years and are also testament to the dedication and expertise of staff at the school.  Students, along with their parents and their teachers, should feel very proud of their achievements and we wish them continued success in the future.”  

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