Copy of Geography

The subject of Geography provides a lens through which to observe and make sense of the World in which we live.  It is a contemporary and evolving subject that equips students with the skills that they need to establish their place in the World.

Since Geography involves the study of current issues, our curriculum is something that we are continuously reviewing with the view of fully engaging our learners in relevant, interesting geographies.  We use a wide variety of high quality resources to instill an appetite for the discovery of the World.  Its study enables all students to not only develop a sense of wonder at the beauty of the natural world and the power of natural processes, but to also consider complex issues of sustainability and geopolitics.

At all key stages we nurture a range of transferable skills to enable students to confidently face the opportunities and challenges of life beyond school.  These include numeracy, literacy, decision making, problem solving and evaluation, communication, empathy and independent study.  As such, teaching and learning strategies are adopted that encourage questioning and critical thinking to enable students to develop informed and balanced viewpoints, whilst understanding the effects of their decisions.  Our aim is to develop global citizens who recognise the responsibility they have to other people as well as to the sustainability of our planet, in a rapidly changing world.

Whether studying landscapes, people or processes, place is central to the study of Geography.  With this in mind, fieldwork is an essential part of our curriculum.  We run a number of ALDs (Advanced Learning Days) including fieldtrips to Kew Gardens, Hunstanton, Birmingham and London.  Post-16 students benefit from a five-day residential in Wales where they further develop their skills and collect data for their coursework and we have run a very successful fieldtrip to Iceland.

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