comp8Year 8 Computer Science students visited the Center for Computing History in Cambridge.

Students were grouped into ‘the Mighty Commodores,’ ‘Razor Sharp Spectrum’ and ‘The legendary Dragons.’ They took part in a range of activities, including a tour of the main gallery looking at the history and timeline of computing, an educational workshop and lecture on Robots in the ‘Mega Processor Zone,’ the world’s largest working model of a microprocessor and an interactive session with ‘Jennifer’ an advanced robot. They also had an engaging lesson on programming using pi models and controlling objects with Python.

Grace had this to say of the day-

comp11“It was a great experience, it was fun and amazing. I really enjoyed myself. I will most probably do Computer Science at KS4.”

Students saw computing brought to life throughout the day and commented that they saw the relevance of computing and applications.

The tour was very hands on and students got to finish the day in the ‘Games Zone’ working their way through, from the very first programmed game, to present-day gaming technology. Students enjoyed the healthy competition to see who would be the first to answer all the questions in their workbook!

A fantastic day was had by all!

 Jennifer doing a Tai-chi dance  Jennifer-an Autonomous robotic system


Programming using pi models and Controlling Objects with Python

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