georginalee2017Talented clarinet player Georgina Lee has been selected as this year’s winner of the Christopher Hopkinson Memorial Music Bursary. Georgina plans to spend the money on a better clarinet as her current instrument is not good enough for the orchestral music she loves to play. Georgina, who was described as “brilliant” at her audition, was presented with the bursary at Milton Keynes City Orchestra’s performance at the Venue, MK on Friday 24 November. Georgina is a superb musician currently studying Music A level and she participates in the award winning Walton High Jazz band and Walton High Orchestra. She has also recently been awarded a place in the National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain.

Georgina maintains the Walton High legacy of winning this bursary following in the illustrious footsteps of previous bursary winners Tim Dawson and Louis Grao. Congratulations Georgina.

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