Wednesday 6 February is an important day in our commonwealth history as it marked the founding relationship between New Zealand and the United Kingdom. To commemorate the Treaty of Waitangi, we hosted a library event with several cultural activities from “Down Under” (New Zealand and Australia) at both campuses. As a powhiri (welcoming ceremony) to the event, several year 10 boys learnt and performed the Ka Mate haka with passion and enthusiasm.



  • Australian Dreamtime story writing
  • Australian and New Zealand flags
  • Book display
  • Display Board 1
  • Display Board 2
  • Down Under Day poster

20190201140518 IMG 8574 01 PerfectlyClearOn Friday 1 February Year 9 GCSE music students from both campuses were then given the amazing opportunity to work with these two inspiring musicians, Roderick Williams (Baritone) and Chris Pine (Piano) at The Stables. Students have been working with some creative resources based on a Winter’s Journey to not only encourage singing in the classroom but to inspire new musical compositions. Having spent a few weeks listening to some of the works of Schubert, students engaged with fun vocal activities designed to challenge their views on classical music - videos of Roddy and Chris performing were used every week and students really felt like they got to know the two professional musicians in their own classroom. During the day students sang and created collaboratively, performing to one another. It was an enjoyable, enriching and enlightening experience that has inspired some of our young and developing musicians to start creating music of their own.

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year7champs2019Well done to Miss Greaves and her Year 7 Girls 5 a-side Football team who have upheld a strong tradition at Walton High by winning the MK Schools Tournament hosted here on the Powerleague pitches.

It is a particularly good competition to win, as it ensures qualification to the County Games at Stoke Mandeville in July.

The girls had to play five group games - winning three and drawing two. Finishing runners up in the group meant having to play Sir Herbert Leon, who had topped their group, in the Semi-Final. That was a very tight affair and was settled on a penalty shoot-out, with our goalkeeper Natasha saving a penalty to put our team into the Final.

The Final was against Shenley Brook End. Walton High went 2-0 up fairly quickly and conceded a consolation goal for the opposition just before the end, eventually winning 2-1. That was a great result against a familiar foe and Miss Greaves and the girls were delighted with the victory.

Natasha was voted Players’ Player and Miss Greaves chose Lily as Manager’s Player for a brilliant performance as a lone defender.

The team were Sofie, Ruby, Lily, Melody, Tia, Natasha, Selina and Jasmine.

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