Olympic Tour Challenge

Starting on 15 February and ending on 26 March, our students had the opportunity to take part in the Walton High Olympic Tour Challenge which encouraged them and their families to get outdoors and be active. The aim of the challenge was to run, walk or cycle the same distance that it is from Walton High to Tokyo, Japan, travelling via every previous host city of the Olympic Games – a total of 16,128 km.

Within the first week, the Walton High community had already “reached” Barcelona. This progress accelerated with students completing half the distance of the challenge in only 2.5 weeks. With continued enthusiasm to complete the challenge, Walton High managed to finish ahead of time – a week before the end of term. Each student who took part was rewarded with achievement points. Additional achievement points were awarded to the highest achieving classes and year groups.

I would like to give special praise to the following student and member of staff who were imperative to the success of this challenge, combining to complete over 1000km.

Mr Farren
Sydney (8CPS)

Congratulations to all students and parents who took part in the Walton High Olympic Tour Challenge. I hope you continue to remain active as lockdown restrictions ease over the coming months.