Year 12 H & S – Prosthetics Workshop

On Thursday the 25 May some of our Year 12 Health and Social Care and Science students attended a one-day workshop about Prosthetics led by Ossur UK Clinical Specialist Prosthetist, Ollie Smith and ambassador and amputee, Jordan Creeney. The workshop was highly revealing and enlightening; students learnt about the technological advances in prosthesis design and rehabilitation. It was packed with detailed information and several hands-on experiences to help introduce everyone to the exciting and complex world of artificial limbs. We received a live demonstration of how a prosthetic leg socket is made and we got to play with loads of different prosthetic ankle, foot and knee systems, sport-specific blade prosthetics and upper limb prosthetics.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Ollie Smith and Jordan Creeney.

Mrs. Z. Smith

Below are some quotes from the students:

“Participating in the prosthetics workshop really opened my mind to a lot of things. It widened my overall view on how people with artificial limbs carry out daily tasks. The most awesome prosthetic was the prosthetic arm, and the most interesting part of the workshop was observing the whole process of how a prosthetic socket is made from resin.” Dudzai Kamonere, 12CCH.

“I really enjoyed the workshop as it cleared up any misconceptions I had about amputees. It was very eye opening and made me respect amputees greatly as I saw a glimpse of what it is like. I am hoping to pursue a career in Health and Social Care, and I think that this workshop gave me information that I could use in the future.” Claudia Berko, 12ALJ.

“It was an enjoyable experience since I had a poor knowledge of the topic; the instructors were really comprehensive and open on explaining to us about prosthetic use, history and   development. I was inspired by discovering the links between the prosthetics and other fields such as: engineering, nervous system, the health care of each different patient, and biological research.” Mohamed Mouakkir 12ALJ


“It is truly fascinating just how many aspects there are to our limbs that we use every day with very little consideration for their importance. Trying to imitate the function of limbs in prosthetics is so complicated making it remarkable and admirable.” Ali Balakt, 12 DVL.

“I found it to be extremely interesting and informative learning about different prosthetic devices and their uses. For people who get artificial limbs there are a wide range of different products available. For students who are looking to go into medicine and specializing in being a prosthetist this workshop was advantageous.” Tadiwa Muz, 12 ALJ.