Thank you for your interest in admission to Walton High for your child.  Walton High is one school but based on two campuses.

Year 7 Admission for September 2024

Milton Keynes Council coordinate all the year 7 applications for secondary school admission in Milton Keynes.

Please refer to the council website here for more information.

Applications are made to Walton High as a whole and no preference for campus allocation can be made at the time of application. Students are allocated Walnut Tree Campus or Brooklands Campus depending on their permanent residential address.


Transition Events for New Year 7 Students

Brooklands Transition Events 2024 - coming soon

Walnut Tree Transition Events 2024

Information for each event will be emailed to parents


Brooklands Campus

Wednesday 24 April - Brooklands Languages Olympics

Wednesday 5 June - Brooklands New Intake Evening

Wednesday 10 July - Brooklands New Year 7 Meet a Tutor


Walnut Tree Campus

Thursday 25 April - Walnut Tree Languages Olympics

Thursday 6 June - Walnut Tree New Intake Evening

Thursday 11 July - Walnut Tree New Year 7 Meet a Tutor


Unsuccessful application

If your application for year 7 was unsuccessful and your child’s name has been placed on the waiting list, you have the right to appeal the decision.

If you wish to appeal the decision, please contact with the name of your child, date of birth and address on the application to request an appeal pack. We will then send you a letter and information explaining how the places were allocated.

In Year Admissions - Changing School During the Year

Please use the form below if you are seeking admission to Walton High (Years 7-11) after the normal point of admission.

Applying to Walton High

For any other enquires regarding admission to Walton High, please email

Parents should be aware that this is an oversubscribed school with more applicants than places available and that every year many parents are unsuccessful in their application for a place.

Appeal Information

If you have applied for a school place and received a letter from Walton High explaining there is no place to offer, you have the right as a parent to appeal the decision to refuse your child a place at the school.

For information on the process and how to appeal, please refer to the school’s Appeal Guide.

If you wish to appeal the decision you must set out your grounds for appeal using the Appeal Form and return within 14 days of receipt of refusal letter, to Clerk Associates UK, c/o Walton High, Fyfield Barrow, Milton Keynes MK7 7WH or by email to

If you have any queries regarding the appeal process please contact  Should you have any queries once you have lodged an appeal, please contact Clerks Associates UK on 020 8920 3662.

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