Student and Family Support Advisor

Confidential advice and guidance for students at Walton High

Mr Beaney is the Student and Family Support Advisor at Walton High.  He offers a service which provides advice and guidance for young people at the school from Year 7 through to Year 13.

The main focus of this work is to help students overcome barriers to their learning, whether school-related, home-related or more personal issues.  This support can also help to increase self-awareness and contribute to higher aspirations.

The Student and Family Support Advisor’s work involves one-to one sessions with students where impartial information, advice, guidance and support is provided, using a range of interventions and skills.  This can be exploratory or more focussed, depending on the issues faced and needs of the individual.

To ensure the most relevant and effective support is offered and provided, the Student and Family Support Advisor also works closely with other agencies and professionals when required.  This may be through attending Family Support Meetings or, if more specialist intervention is required, making referrals directly to appropriate specialist services.  The Student and Family Support Advisor may also sign-post students and parents to other services so they can access support themselves.

Students can access support by attending one of Mr Beaney’s drop-in session, by speaking to him when they see him around the school or by contacting him via email.  Staff may also make a referral for a young person needing support.  Parents can contact Mr Beaney on 01908 677954 if they would like would like to discuss a concern or ask for support for their child.