Food & Nutrition

Food and Nutrition is not just a GCSE, it is for life!

As a subject we are able to provide you with a GCSE and life skills in culinary art, healthy eating and transferable skills such as teamwork, problem solving and creative thinking, which employers are looking for and it has many links to other subjects too.

This subject offers both practical and theory based learning and is suitable for all types of learners and differing learning styles. Students are building on the basic culinary skills they have learnt to be able to cook with independence. The recipes at Key Stage 3 are designed so that students acquire basic skills as some may never have cooked or not cooked in a long time. Students will learn about the properties of ingredients and develop their understanding of food nutrition and food safety.

As well as learning about healthy eating in lesson time the food curriculum area organise activities encouraging students to get involved in national initiatives such as BNF Healthy Eating week and National Breakfast week. This has involved students taking part in live cook a long sessions, breakfast clubs and tutor activities. In the summer term we also hold our annual 'cram it on a cupcake competition' giving students and staff the opportunity to show off their creativity and cake decorating skills.