The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Here you will find all you need to know about undertaking an EPQ. This is a skills based qualification, which means that candidates are not assessed on particular content, but rather the skills which they demonstrate. An extended project can take any of the following forms: a 5,000-word written report, artefact or product (these require a short report alongside). Students have rare opportunity in the EPQ to gain a qualification which Universities recognise which is on a subject of their choosing. This course can also assist students which want a vocation immediately after further education, as it can demonstrate niche areas which are outside the scope of other programmes.

EPQ must be studied alongside a full programme of courses at Walton High Post 16 and any student in Post 16 is eligible to gain this qualification, as it is available in all option blocks. The course runs from September to April each year, with weekly taught sessions. This qualification is completed within one year and students are encouraged to do this in the first rather than second year due to summative exams being in the second year.

Course Description and Content:

The EPQ is an academic qualification on any subject matter, which requires research, thoughtful decision making, planning, design, resourcing and evaluation to succeed. Students have two sessions per week, in groups, with their supervisor, who will guide them and teach them appropriate taught skills. However, this is an independent project, students will be required to utilise the skills taught to their chosen topic of expertise.

The taught skills which Walton High offers relate to the following: time management, planning, organising data, formal essay writing and structure, copyright and plagiarism guidance, conducting primary research (methods and ethics), handling statistics, credibility and reliability of primary and secondary research and referencing. These taught skills are useful for other courses and further study as well as the EPQ.


Students must complete their projects, alongside a production log which they complete throughout the year and deliver a presentation about their project at the end. All three of these elements are subject to being marked for their final grade, which they receive the August after submission.
Students are assessed on the evidence which they submit based on the following: Their ability to manage their projects, use resources, develop and realise their plan to a high standard and to review their work throughout. There are 50 marks available, these are marked by the supervisor and subject to internal and external moderation. There are no examinations for the EPQ, but evidence of project, production log and presentation are required to submit.

There is a fixed deadline in April for submission and the project must be the student’s own work.

For further information regarding the Extended Project Qualification and the specification please follow this weblink