Welcome to the Walton High Sciences

Here you will find all the information about what topics you will study in science from Year 7 through to Year 13.

The study of science will give students an intellectual and experimental understanding of the world around them. Science tries to tackle the big questions! How did the universe start? How will it end? How can that disease be cured? How can we fuel the future? How can we protect endangered species? Is genetic engineering such a bad thing? It is our aim to instil this inquisitiveness in the young people we teach and to inspire them to find the answers to these and the many other questions they might have.

Science students at Walton High are very successful at all levels. Summer 2018 graduates from our Key Stage 5 programmes have been successful in gaining places to study amongst others; Natural Sciences at Cambridge, Biological Sciences at Oxford, Physics at the University of Southampton and Medical Sciences at the University of Birmingham.

Key Stage 3

A two year interactive programme of study that focuses on the foundations of science through experiments and investigations. Students will cover content from biology, chemistry and physics in their 5 hours of science a fortnight. The course starts off with ‘Being a good scientist’ which focuses on key practical skills such as using a microscope and lighting a Bunsen burner! Other topics include:

  • Cells, the building blocks of life
  • Explaining chemical changes
  • Magnetism and electricity
  • Our health and the effect of drugs
  • Motion on Earth and in space

Through the course students will also be developing other skills such as team work, presentation skills, creativity, discussion and debates and analysing and evaluating.

Key Stage 4

Year 9 - 11

Students can select a preference for the study of science in Years 9-11, either OCR Gateway A (9-1) GCSE Combined Sciences or OCR Gateway A (9-1) GCSE Separate Sciences (GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics)

Students have 4 hours per fortnight for each science (Biology, Chemistry or Physics) regardless of which preference they have selected. All GCSE separate Science students have 2 Hours of Maths for Science lessons per fortnight. This is to complement the Maths that is required in the new specifications for Science. GCSE Combined Science students have 1 hour of Maths for Science lesson every fortnight.

Students will study the topics linked to questions such as –

  • What are genes?
  • Why are families alike but not identical?
  • How can genetic information be used?
  • What is nanotechnology?
  • How can we improve air quality?
  • Which radiation harms living tissue and why?
Key Stage 5

We offer 7 different courses for students in Year 12 and 13:

  • A2 Biology (Specification OCR A)
  • A2 Chemistry (Specification OCR A)
  • A2 Physics (Specification OCR A)
  • BTEC Certificate in Applied Science (Specification Edexcel)
  • BTEC Diploma in Applied Science (Specification Edexcel)
  • BTEC Extended Diploma in Applied Science (Specification Edexcel)
  • Students require the minimum of grade 6 in GCSE Maths and a minimum of grade 5 in their sciences to study the A2 programmes.
  • Students require the minimum of grade 4 in GCSE Maths and a minimum of grade 4 in their science to study a BTEC programme.