Home School Agreement

For the student, you can expect to:

  • reach the highest levels of achievement that you are capable of
  • receive good teaching, through a well-planned curriculum
  • be treated as an individual and valued as such
  • receive a wide range of challenging opportunities for learning
  • have access to Walton High’s learning resources
  • be involved in assessing your own progress
  • have good advice and support from your teachers, tutor and support staff

For the parent, you can expect to:

  • see well qualified Walton High staff offering high quality teaching
  • see a range of exciting learning opportunities beyond the National Curriculum
  • have your child attend a learning community which is safe and well resourced
  • receive regular reports about your child’s progress and achievements
  • be kept closely informed about your child’s attendance and behaviour
  • have any concerns you raise responded to in an appropriate manner

As students we expect you to:

  • make the most of the educational opportunities presented
  • follow the Code of Conduct and deal with others in a caring way
  • recognise the qualities and realise the talents you have
  • try to meet targets and deadlines
  • aim for 100% attendance and to set out to learn as much as you can
  • take pride in, and care for, our excellent learning environment
  • alert Walton High staff to any problems when they arise

As parents we expect you to:

  • encourage your child to take advantage of all the learning opportunities presented
  • ensure your child follows the teaching and learning expectations of Walton High
  • support Walton High’s Code of Conduct
  • ensure your child attends every day, explaining reasons for absence
  • make sure we know anything we need to know to help your child
  • raise any concerns with staff in an appropriate manner and work with them to achieve a resolution
  • let us know when you think Walton High’s principles are not evident in its practices

Access Walton High’s Code of Conduct here