The Geography Team aims to provide the best possible geographical learning experience for our students both within and outside of the classroom.  Our curriculum enables all students to develop a sense of wonder at the beauty of the natural world and the power of natural processes.

Through the use of a wide variety of high quality resources, we aim to instil an appetite for the discovery of the world.  We nurture a range of transferable skills to enable students to confidently face the opportunities and challenges of life beyond school.  Teaching and learning strategies are adopted that encourage questioning and critical thinking to enable students to develop informed and balanced viewpoints, whilst understanding the effects of their decisions.  We aspire to develop global citizens who recognise the responsibility they have to other people as well as to the sustainability of our planet, in a rapidly changing world.

We are continuously reviewing our curriculum with the view of fully engaging our learners in relevant, interesting geographies.  We place a strong emphasis on fieldwork since we feel that these opportunities are an essential part of a pupil’s geographical education.  Currently we run a number of ALDs (Advanced Learning Days) including trips to Kew Gardens, Hunstanton, Birmingham and London.  Post-16 students also enjoyed a five day residential in Wales and a very successful fieldtrip to Iceland.