Technology is increasing in importance in people’s lives and it is expected that this trend will continue, to the extent that technological literacy will become a functional requirement for people’s work, social, and personal lives. In the twenty-first century, both computing and ICT have an especially prominent, and growing role in learning in the classrooms, in organisations and in the society we live in. Studying Computing and Information Communication Technology is therefore seen by many to be a necessity, as it equips students not only with the skills they need to learn and live in the 21st Century, but also to cope with the rapid rate of change we associate with living in the world today and enable them to be capable and appreciative users of  computing and IT.

The creative study and use of both computing and ICT at Walton High aims to provide pupils with a high quality of learning and achievement at all levels in:

  • The ability to critically evaluate and assimilate the information they encounter, particularly through sources such as the internet.
  • An appreciation of the role that computing and IT plays in the world around them.
  • An understanding of the need to practice e-safety when using IT resources, particularly online.
  • The role computing and ICT plays in businesses
  • To reinforce a cross-curricular approach to computing and ICT - students should encounter both in a wide range of contexts and not exclusively through the study of computing itself
  • To emphasise access - Children should have frequent access to ICT tools and have adequate opportunity to use these tools when it is appropriate to do so

The study of computer science, at all key stages, encourages students to develop an appreciation and understanding of the impact that developments in information technology have on themselves, communities worldwide, and the future. It also helps emphasizes the growing importance attributed to the communication aspects of new technologies which students are so keen to engage with nowadays. Consequently, studying computer science and ICT will contribute in a significant way to the general education of pupils, whether or not they intend proceeding to further studies or employment specific to information technology.

Below are our Curriculum/Courses:

  • Basic Skills: Introduction to ICT & Computing following the national curriculum
  • GCSE OCR Computer Science
  • Cambridge Nationals L1/2 in IT
  • Cambridge Technicals L3 Introductory Diploma in IT