Post 16

Introduction from Mrs Read

Walton High's Post 16 currently has over 400 students who excel in a wide range of academic and vocational subjects at both our Walnut Tree and Brooklands sites. 

Because of the broad and flexible curriculum offered and the high standard of teaching and learning that characterise Walton High, we are a very desirable choice for both our internal students and for young people in the wider local area. We were very proud to once again be ranked as the highest in the local area for academic progress in 2019.

We are confident that in addition to academic success, we also provide a broad range of social, cultural, creative, sporting and leadership opportunities to ensure our students leave us as articulate and resilient young people ready to make a positive contribution to society. 

We see each student as an individual; the personalised provision at Walton High is designed to meet the needs of all students and to ensure their continued development and progress. Our talented and committed staff are skilled in supporting students both in their studies and with their needs beyond the classroom.

Applications are now open for September 2021. Our prospectus and virtual prospectus along with details of our offer are available to support you in making your application to Post-16 at Walton High. You can apply and access all of our information through our Admissions page.

We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you in September 2021.