The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Walton High

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) is the largest achievement award for Young People in the world. It is a challenging programme of activities which will encourage participants to learn new skills, help others and experience adventure and a sense of achievement. What's more, universities and employers hold the Award in high regard and recognise what it says about the person who achieved it.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is an exceptionally popular enrichment activity at Walton High and is available for all students from Year 9 onwards.

Information on meetings, deadlines and activities is updated regularly through the DofE page on Firefly. If a student is enrolled on to an Award, they are encouraged to book mark the page relevant to the Award level to receive notifications of updates.

There is a weekly drop-in at both campuses for students to gain access to further support, help and advice directly from The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award team.

DofE manager at Walton High

Mr Morgan – The DofE Award Manager

Further information from the Award;

Further information about the Award can be found at The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award  website