The English Curriculum Area strives to foster an enthusiasm for exploring language in all its forms and to promote a lifelong love of literature. We provide students with a secure understanding of the English language, developing vital skills for life and fostering the belief that creative, cultural and critical literacy are a fundamental part of the learning experience and an essential foundation for future success.

At Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Language and Literature are taught as separate disciplines, with a different class teacher and exercise book for each subject.  At Key Stage 5 students may choose to study either English Language or English Literature A Level – or both!

All students are encouraged to develop the knowledge, skills and learning behaviours essential for achievement in English. We aim to imbue students with the tools to become highly competent, ambitious and innovative communicators, enabling them to become resilient and resourceful members of the wider community.

Independent study is designed to develop creative and critical thinking.  Set according to the school homework timetable, tasks are either specified by the class teacher or selected by the student from the topic task bank.  A programme of study support runs alongside lessons and all students are welcome to attend.  Each key stage has a weekly session with a published timetable outlining the language or literature focus.

The curriculum is enhanced by a varied programme of enrichment.  Our annual school wide celebrations, The Big Read and Write now!, promote engagement with literacy and broaden students’ experience of the written word.  Author visits and workshops offer opportunities to be inspired by real life writers and theatre performances provide a range of page to stage interpretations.  The Library is a hub for English enrichment with regular themed events designed to encourage appreciation of national literary initiatives and school based projects.

Welcome to The English Edit

In Issue 1 of our Eng:age anthology, we are pleased to share writing by children and young people from across our MKET community – EYFS to Post 16!

Congratulations and thank you to our first contributors.  Happy reading!

The English Edit - Spring 2024 Edition