Promoting British Values

At Walton High, the values related to democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect are delivered through the formal and informal curriculum – above all the school practices these values in everything it does.

Students are taught about the country’s constitution and learn how to question institutions but at the same time respect them.  Through participating in elections for bodies such as the Student Council, young people learn how these are conducted and how to make their voice heard to influence the outcome.

The school’s rules and expectations are clear and fair.  Students learn not only about their rights but also their responsibilities.  Students gain an understanding of the legal system through visits to the magistrates’ court and visits from Crown Court judges.  Within the school a restorative approach is taken to resolving conflict and harm done to others.

The development of an awareness of self and rights is coupled with an appreciation of society and individual and collective responsibility.  The school promotes an anti-bullying culture.

The commitment to securing social justice through high quality education that promotes inclusion and embraces diversity is central to Walton High’s vision as are the values of honesty, integrity, tolerance and respect.  These things permeate all aspects of the school’s work.