About the Café

Unlike most caterers, Cucina takes a hands on approach to ensure there is something on the menu for everyone. As educators we all want students to eat better, and yet dining choices are very rarely influenced by overt health messages, or tables groaning with crunchy vegetables. Our Executive Chefs not only run a three week menu cycle (see back page for an example of our previous menus) to ensure no day is ever the same, but also run cooking classes and foodie groups where students can have their say and various competitions throughout the year to engage and interest students, staff...and even parents! Cucina is jam packed with real foodies. Our belief is to bring restaurant-quality food into education. We don’t operate cateens, food halls or cafeterias; our outlets are all proper restaurants, with everything implied by that. Each of our sites has its own trained chef and all Cucina meals are cooked from ‘scratch’ starting with fresh ingredients...many of which are locally sourced.

Opening Times

Years 7, 8 and 9

07.45 - 08.30   Breakfast

10.30 - 10.45    Break

12.50 - 13.25   Lunch


Years 10, 11 and Post 16

08.45 - 09.30   Breakfast

10.45 - 11.00    Break

13.25 - 13.55   Lunch

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Application for Free School Meals

Parents who receive certain benefits may be eligible for free school meals.  We want to make sure as many eligible students as possible are claiming their free school meals.

Further guidance can be found by clicking:

To receive free school meals, a claim must be made by the student, their parent or another responsible adult.

To make a claim please complete the form by clicking on the following link:

Any queries please contact

WisePay Cashless School Meals System

Walton High is able to take online payments via WisePay for cashless catering, trips etc. If you already have your username and password and you would like to use this service, please click here

Cashless catering is a computerised system where no cash payments are made at the till in the Café. Spending will be recorded in the student's account by the use of a swipe-card. When a swipe card is used, the software allows recognition of each individual student, holds individual cash balances, records cash spent and cash-received, records where money is spent, on what food, on any specific date and time of day.

What is cashless catering?

Meal Deals

Look out for our fantastic meal deals on offer every lunchtime. One of our most popular is our Chef special main meal and any small pudding for £2.50. We also offer various reward cards which entitle students to free fruit pots should they dine with us every day. Coffee and hot chocolate is also very popular and we offer a reward card to all students, just as you would see in coffee shops on the high street, buy 6 hot drinks and receive the 7th for FREE.

What to do if your child has no money on their card

If a student has no money in their cashless catering account, a meal will be provided that day on production of a blue temporary catering card. Students need to request temporary cards from Student Services at break time in order that they can obtain a meal at lunchtime. Students will be given a note to take home to their parents to inform them that a meal has been provided for their child.
The value of the meal plus any money required for subsequent days must be paid by the next day as it will not be possible to issue further temporary cards until the account is back in credit.