Modern Foreign Languages

Walton High and the Walton Learning Centre are new, modern centres of learning which pride themselves on initiative, challenge, positive thinking and encouragement to enjoy the fun and fundamentals of learning.  As such Modern Foreign Languages has a vital role to play in inspiring students to learn another language, learn about other cultures and take advantage of the ever-increasing opportunities for travelling and working abroad. Learning another language will equip students to compete in the growing climate of globalisation and enjoy wider career possibilities.

The aims of the department are as follows:

  • To encourage students of all abilities to understand and use a foreign language for the purpose of practical communication
  • To think and encourage students to think “outside the box”
  • To foster positive attitudes towards other countries and those who live in them and to counter prejudice and insularity
  • To promote learning skills of a more general nature
  • To promote and support cross-curricular links and strategies
  • To develop students’ understanding of themselves and their own culture
  • To encourage tolerance and a willingness to work together
  • To promote the link between careers and languages so that more students will consider it the norm to be studying a language at post 16
  • To provide successful and enjoyable learning experiences which may motivate and inspire more students to take a language as an option at Key Stage 4
  • To develop and incorporate a range of innovative teaching styles and materials that will motivate learners

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5