Young Writers

In December 2020, Walton High students took part in a Young Writers’ Imagine! competition. Students were asked to write an original poem that related to the theme of A New World and had to consciously craft the language, form and structure to meet this brief. This national competition received in excess of 9,000 entries and we’re pleased to announce that 110 poems from Walton High students have been chosen for publication.

This is an incredible achievement for our students to showcase their writing skills as well as giving them a real audience and purpose for their writing. Imagine- A New World is scheduled for publication on 14 May 2021.

The published poems will then enter phase two of the competition where five favourite writers will each win £100 and a trophy. Congratulations and best of luck to all of our young poets!











Praisy Steve

Katie-Dean Pickering

Austeja Poznanskaite

Sadie Ellis

Riley Colarossi

Susie-Ann Shaw

Grace Mccann

Mireya Nelson

Arshman Khurran

Theo Salifu

Hannah Marriott

Ellie Jones

Maryam Ali

Brithiga Kirtakaran

Azzam Jundi

Charlie Stenham-Worth

Lesley Addae

Ruby Chambers

Neel Bhatt

Lily-Grace Ware

Jayden Williamson

Tyson John

Ridhwan Mohammed

Martyna Sadkowska

Lexi Spensley

Gracie Wilson

Kiki Archer-Akins

Angel Adeaye

Rhyis Codrington

Milo Arnold

Amelia Ellis

Davek Kuszubu

Angel Farshola

Philippa Wilson

Adela Paulowska

Mylee Baker

Ivana Addo

Kelsey Woodall

Al-Bisthamy Zahir

Caitlin Taylor

Bobby Bennett-Moore

Jemila Abdul-Majeed

Amina Begum

Aicha Barry

Harry Peasnall

Karar Ali

Hayden Vincent

Treasure Samuel

Great Bompeti

Hudson Maslyn

Igra Ahmed

Zebbi Dixon-Osei

Tobi Oladini

Wiktoria Delekta

Kian Patel

Ocean Gott

Salahudin Khan

Joel Ofori

Sophie Glyn-Ham

Brandon Feeley

Kwame Adjei

Richard Chukwu Okomba

Ethan Fernandes

Kehinde Johnson

Harry Sims

Bisma Nisar

Sean Poynter

Marwa Hamidi

Amelia May

Cali Bolton

Farjana Omar

Amy Berry

Noah Attwood

Rueben Karde-Weatherly

Yiana Hogben

Leah Hobbs

Rachel Grunwell

Asher Roberts

Karma-Lily Wilson

Hanin Al Haj Ali

Zakiyya Minhas Saim

Gabriel Nselala

Megan Theron

Stefan Buaben

Chloe Floor

Anooshan Gnanakumar


Walnut Tree

Ayeza Siddiqui

AJ-Juwainy Zahir

Amber Jarvis

Chloe Tong

Divya Vasisht

Ellie Edwards

Fauqeya Mohammed

Leah Ung

Olivia Jewell

Sophie Lewis

Tom Doherty

William Cheadle

Muhammad Behany

Souhayla Hassan

Ruth Bell

Najjib Abdullaahi

Brian Wingfield-Foster

Amber Wills

Lyla Clark

Jenny Else

Harry Nash-Smith

Jeremy Frimpong- Boatey

Oliver Cison

Jasmine Gurung