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Yamaha Music

Why Yamaha?

  • Aims to provide musical education for students of all ages.
  • Employs professional musicians who are specifically trained by Yamaha to ensure quality teaching on all courses.
  • Yamaha Music School specialises in group tuition giving the student a more enjoyable musical experience throughout each lesson.
  • Tuition is given after school hours and all day on Saturdays.
  • Students  are prepared for examinations through Yamaha Rockschool.
  • Student concerts are held on a regular basis which provides students with the opportunity of performing in front of an audience.
  • Click here to see the History of Yamaha

Junior Play for Keeps

Keyboard course for beginners aged between 5 and 7 years.

Play for Keeps

Keyboard course for beginners aged from 8 and upwards.

Piano Mate

Piano based Course for beginners aged 8 and upwards.

Drum Encounters

Drum course for beginners aged from 8 and upwards.

Vocal Encounters

Singing course for beginners aged from 8 and upwards.

Assessment lessons are available for any of the courses listed above.

For our current list of new lessons please see our Taster bookings

Group Tuition for one hour

Lessons are £15.60

Individual Tuition for half an hour

Lessons are £25.20