P16 trip to AIIMI

In an exciting opportunity, Year 13 A-level Computer Science students recently visited AIIMI, a cutting-edge technology company located in Milton Keynes, specializing in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and data analysis. AIIMI stands out as an authority in data science, providing expertise that spans various industries

During this visit, the students were fortunate to share the day with one of AIIMI’s prominent clients, Jaguar Land Rover. This special occasion included a panel workshop where students had the privilege of interacting with managers and newly recruited IT apprentices from both AIIMI and Jaguar Land Rover. The workshop featured a dynamic Q&A session, allowing students to engage directly with industry experts and seek insights into data manipulation, career opportunities, and educational pathways within this exciting field of study.

Furthermore, the event shed light on the technology underpinning the manufacturing process and the vast data generated by the sales of Jaguar cars. Students were also treated to an exclusive opportunity to explore a range of Jaguar cars, which was undeniably an awe-inspiring experience.

The day continued with various activities centred around technology and data, where students were able to showcase their computer science and IT skills across eight engaging tasks. Teamwork was paramount throughout the activities, and the Year 13 A-level Computer Science students from Walton High rose to the occasion admirably.


At the conclusion of this enriching event, staff and some of the Year 13 A-level Computer Science students provided the following feedback:

Ms. Edike (SLT CS and IT)- “The event proved to be captivating, educational, informative, and offered valuable insights into the realm of data analysis and analytics. It also served as an excellent networking opportunity for everyone involved and prompted students to reflect deeply on their educational and career paths, whether through apprenticeships, university, or a combination of both. Both the students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the presentations on cars, software, and the 8 engaging activities we took part in.”


Aria- ” I found the trip to be insightful and enjoyable, with various different industrial aspects being introduced to me, opening my eyes to the capability and prominence of data management and systems, and the significance they hold in the modern working environment. I particularly enjoyed the discussions with the members of staff, about the application of data analysis and manipulation in a wider environment outside of automation.”


Jorai- “I really liked the car show and seeing the software that has been integrated into the cars. We got to see more into the various roles and opportunities within data science and data analysis, which was beneficial for those looking to pursue a career in that.”


 Etan- “ The trip gave me an idea of what being a data engineer is like, it also provided information on the data science degree apprenticeship they offer, which I think will be a good opportunity, they also let us see the cars, which is very cool”.


 Darius- “I was really intrigued during the talk about the different roles that came into play when working with data. It gave me a whole new insight on what happens behind the scenes of a data scientist and engineer. I am now interested in data analysis and plan to do a bit more research on it as I believe it may play a big role in my future career. Speaking to two of your apprentices was extremely informative too.”


 Zak- “I am thankful for being able to experience the atmosphere inside AIIMI and learning about new fields of data analysis. My favourite part was when we asked some of the employees about their job and the most rewarding aspects of it. I also really enjoyed getting hands on with the LEGO’s and understanding how data is categorised.”


Natalie Gibbings ( Head of Talent/Organiser-AIIMI) had this to say: Wow – We are so pleased to hear that yourself and the students took away some real added value and insight into the world of Data, Aiimi and Jaguar Land Rover”.