Transition Day Debate Competition

On June 19th, Walton High played host to 8 year 6 students from Heronsgate and a further 4 from St. Mary’s Wavendon, all of whom came to participate in a debating competition. The day began with a workshop, during which each of the three teams were supported by a team of Walton High students, who listened to the prepared speeches and gave advice on how to adapt and deliver them for the debate format. We then all transferred to The Venue so students could, if they chose, practice their projection and clarity, by delivering a section of their speech from the stage.

Following refreshments in the café (which did not disappoint!) it was time for the main event, when two year 6 teams competed against each other, one year 6 team took on a year 7, then our visiting debaters turned adjudicators, listening to and feeding back on a debate between a different year 7 and a year 8 team. Topics covered included “Competitive sports should not be played in primary schools”, “We should all be vegetarian”, and “The UK should get rid of its nuclear deterrent”.

The standard of debate was very high and the year 6s especially should be applauded for the quality of their research, expressive and polished speaking, listening and rebuttal, and overall effort they put into the project. Equally, the coaching provided by some of the year 7s and 8s during the workshop was brilliant and the results shone through in the competition.

A huge thanks goes to the Mrs Fisher at Heronsgate and Mrs Richards at St. Mary’s, Mrs Davies from English who gave her time to adjudicate, the amazing catering and transport teams at Walton High, and all of our students who engaged so fully with the event over several weeks. And of course, also to the year 6 students who performed so brilliantly, and whom we are delighted will be joining us in September, with many more great things to come.



Josh, from Heronsgate, practises his prize-winning summary speech.

Not to be outdone, Aarav shows the audience what expressive delivery is really about!