Year 9 Netball Team WT


It has been a successful season for the Year 9 Walton High (Walnut Tree) Netball Team.  Our squad this year has been made up of:  Emily, Imogen, Bridget, Phoebe, Sophie, Holly, Alex, Lizzie, Holly, Divya, Zoya, Jenny and Connie.

The squad has won every game in the Milton Keynes League including both the semi-final and final against The Hazeley Academy and Shenley Brook End School.  These were important wins for the team as both Hazeley and Shenley Brook End schools are part of the Milton Keynes Netball Academy.  We also won the MKSSP tournament this year.

The squad have worked hard all season and played with determination and skill to secure these victories.  All members of the team have improved as the season has progressed and the teamwork shown by all girls has been fantastic.

Thank you to Miss Watson-Green for all her hard work this season. We can’t wait to do it all again in Year 10!