Young Reporters ALD

Young Reporters ALD

On our first ALD of this school year, we were pleased to invite Year 5 children from New Chapter and Heronsgate to join us for a Young Reporters themed writing workshop.

Working alongside Year 10 students, the boys were able to develop their discussion, research, planning and writing skills.  Within the ‘newsroom’ we saw such a range of interesting report topics, discussing the conflict in Ukraine, Social Media use, the impact of Climate Change – and Pokemon!

Our Year 10 students were congratulated for being excellent role models, as they took on leadership roles to support and encourage our Year 5 visitors throughout the morning.

After such amazing teamwork, we’re looking forward to future MKET English projects and our Year 10 and Year 5 Young Reporters all agreed they would love to work together again.  Well done to you all!

Mrs Letts

Director of English