Jamasi Methodist Junior High

Jamasi Methodist Junior High has a total of 108 Students and 8 teachers. The school opened in 1960 and at the moment it is ranked 3rd in the area. Pupils study English, Maths, Integrated Science, Social Studies, Prevocational and Technical Skills, Cultural Studies, Ghanaian language and ICT Theory. Students used to get 30 minutes a week on the computers in a local centre as the school does not have any computers, but it has since closed down.

Written by Elizabeth Beale Year 8

Ashanti region of Ghana

Jamasi Methodist Junior High School can be found in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Most of the people living in the Ashanti region are Ashanti people, which is one of Ghana's main ethnic groups. Almost all of the cocoa in Ghana is grown in the Ashanti region - the main jobs are farming. The Ashanti region is also quite rich in gold.

The Ashanti region is the 3rd biggest region in Ghana, with an area of approx. 24,389 km2. Yet despite not being the biggest area, it has the biggest population in any area of Ghana - the most recent number is 4,415,554 people. The capital of the area is Kumasi, which is known as "The Garden City" because of its many types of flowers and plants. The Ashanti region is split into 21 districts.

Written by Kayleigh Warwick Year 8

The Vision

We wish to work together to raise joint awareness and appreciation of global citizenship and to promote an understanding and acceptance of different culture

Educational Objectives
Will encourage open mindedness amongst our learners.

  • Promote awareness of the wider world
  • Support a mutual respect between our learners
  • Develop communication skills
  • Raise understanding and acceptance of different cultures

Potential Curricular Collaboration
We hope to participate in joint projects, possible projects including:

  • Guess what is in the box project
  • A day in my life project
  • Locality study with focus on culture

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