Walton High celebrates Post 16 students’ success

Post 16 students at Walton High are once again celebrating their achievements with the publication of A levels and vocational results.  As a school we are thrilled that our students are able to excel in a diverse range of Post 16 qualifications that will take them on to a wide range of exciting career opportunities.  Notably strong performance was shown in English Literature, French, Mathematics, Art and Design, Applied Science, Applied Law, Creative Media, Sport and EPQ.  We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of our students and the commitment and bravery they have shown to studying for and sitting exams in Post 16 having not been able to sit GCSE exams in 2021. They are a credit to the school and their families.

We are delighted that, once again, our students’ impressive A level results will allow them to attend some of the country’s most prestigious universities to study an assortment of highly sought-after courses.  Kelvin’s A* A* A* grades take him to the University of Oxford to read Mathematics. Also studying Mathematics is Abdul (A* A* A B) at the University of Birmingham. Joining him there will be Rashin (A* A* A A) reading Computer Science; Alexander (A A A) will also go on to study Computer Science at the University of Leeds.  Nazim’s A* A A awards will enable him to read Economics. Tayo (A* A* A*) will study Electrical Engineering at the Imperial College London. Warwick University will also be well represented by Walton High students. Rhiana (A* A A) will pursue Biomedical Science whilst Connor’s A* A* A grades will allow him to study Engineering. Also studying Biomedical Science is Jemma (A* A* A) at the University of Sheffield. Anna-Ritsa (A A A) will explore her passion for Psychology at the University of Sussex. Emma (A* A* A) will take a well-deserved gap year before looking at Higher Education. Diego (A B B) will venture abroad to study Architecture at the University of Alcalá in Spain. Finally, Astrid (A A A) will read Pharmacy at the University of Bath.

Students who pursued an Applied General or Technical pathway are equally celebrating their fantastic achievements with Lara’s Dist*Dist Dist* Dist taking her to the Arts University Plymouth to study illustration. Ella (Dist* Dist* Dist) will join the University of East London to study Sport Management. Jake (Dist* Dist Dist) is hoping to pursue Mental Health Nursing whilst Alpha (Dist* Dist Dist) and Maya (Dist* Dist Dist) will read both read Accounting and Finance at the University of Northampton and the University of Surrey. Also headed to Surrey is Elisa (Dist Dist Dist) who will learn Midwifery. Chinyere (Dist Dist Dist) will continue to create beautiful Music at the LMA in London.  Going on to specialise in Games with Art and Design is Elizabeth (Dist Dist Dist) at the University of Norwich whilst Cara (Dist* Dist Dist) will pursue Graphic Design at Coventry University.  Millie (Dist* Dist Dist) will read Primary education at Sheffield-Hallam University and Oxford Brookes University will welcome Salima (Dist Dist Dist) to study Law and Business.

A number of our students have secured highly competitive apprenticeships and career opportunities with major local employers including Network Rail, Mercedes and Waitrose. We are also very pleased that Deyquan will continue his Rugby journey at Hinckley Rugby Club and that Daniella with remain part of the MKET family joining our Pastoral Team at Walton High.

As always we would like to extend a huge thank you the teachers and support staff who have had such a positive impact on the personal growth, resilience and education of our young people. We wish all our students happiness and success on their chosen pathways and know that they have very bright futures ahead.  We are proud of every one of them and can’t wait to hear about their varied ventures in the world beyond Walton High.