Guitar Encounters

Guitar Encounters is a rock and pop-based course. Perfectly suited to any aspiring guitarist from the age of 9 upwards, lessons are taught on electric and electric-acoustic instruments.

Classes contain typically 6 to 8 students so there is always a chance for you to play as group to complement your solo work. Not only does the course material cover skills and techniques that would make other guitarists green with envy, it is also fully accredited by Rock School meaning that you can take exams from Grade 1 to Grade 8 standard. From Grade 6 and above examination results also count towards your UCAS entry points.

Guitar Encounters is a great course for anyone aspiring to become a Rock legend! The course material provides a highly structured approach to learning and teaches all the skills and techniques you’ll need to become a professional player.

Each lesson consists of six or seven different activities, covering a wide range of techniques. You’ll get the opportunity to play solo and with the rest of the class. A USB pen drive provided with each book contains great backing tracks to make your practise lots of fun.

Swap your air-guitar for the real thing now and book a free taster lesson on Guitar Encounters to experience this fantastic course for yourself!