Food bank collection 2020

We would like to give a huge thank you to parents, students, and staff for coming together to donate food to our local community for Christmas. Across both campuses this year we collected a total of 1,526 items which will support approximately 31 families!

Special mention to Year 7 students at Walnut Tree and Year 8 students at Brooklands who made the highest number of donations at each campus.

A special thanks to our Student Council representatives who assisted with the spread of the message across school : 


Year 7:

Malaki, Joyce, Pippa, Jaiden, Eesa, Willow, Yazi, Shyloh 

Year 8:

Alexandra, Mia, Jack, Ella, Ruth, Lloyd, Candy 


Year 7:

Kayleigh, Hrithvik, Livvie, Wesly, Megan, Asher, Mylee, Al-Bisthamy, Amare, Adriana, Fatima, Thuthisan, Angel 

Year 8:

Tia, Chanelle, Stanley, Lorianna, Blessing, Karar, Methujan, Lesley, Brooklyn, Kimbereley