Young Engineers

Young engineers

Our day at Network Rail was extraordinary; we were so glad to be selected to go further into the program. We started the day off with a briefing from experienced engineers from all different working backgrounds. After the talk we took a tour around the four sections of the headquarters. We went through the different levels of the offices, looking at the work environment and the benefits of working there. After the tour we started our first challenge: Ozobots!  We had to plan and create a template track for a little bot to travel around using a series of colour coded tracks which the bot detected and processed what we were trying to make it do. We then took a break for lunch which was fabulous, Alfie enjoyed this the most! After lunch, we started our second challenge which was called: Leaves on the Track. We had to mix unknown substances to create traction, be highly viscous and conduct electricity which we got the highest result beating the engineers! After our triumph on this challenge, we ended our day at the rewards ceremony that we received our winning shield. We had a great time!