Year 7 – Whipsnade Trip “Photo of the Day”


Year 7 students at Walton High recently had the opportunity to explore the wonders of ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. With a huge collection of animal species ranging from Amur Tigers, to West African Dwarf Crocodiles and Wolverines, this was the first time for many students seeing some of these animals in the flesh. All students were kept at a safe distance from the animals but just close enough to get some brilliant photographs.

The “Photo of the day” title goes to Joshua Morgan for his stunning close up of a Rockhopper penguin. From the way they waddle, to their tuxedo like feathers, no one can resist the loveable charms of a penguin. ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is lucky enough to feature two penguin colonies: African black-footed and Rockhopper.

Other students managed some awesome snaps of Whipsnade’s butterfly collection, frogs, meerkats, capybara and many more. We had a great day out with so much to see and explore; ZSL Whipsnade staff were both extremely helpful and also complimentary of the behaviour and attitude of all groups throughout the day.